Fuel pricing software


Creative Direction


PriceAdvantage is a software developer with a focus on fuel pricing software. Their intuitive and highly configurable solution gives fuel marketers the power to make immediate fuel pricing decisions and automatically post new prices to their point of sale systems, fuel pumps and price signs. But PriceAdvantage had a dated brand that didn't reflect the speed or innovation of the product.

The solution was a tech-forward look and feel that reinforced the dynamic relationship between speed and reliability.


The chosen identity reflects the relationship between the Price Advantage product and the pricing strategist who sets prices for the fuel.

The organization needed a robust icon set specific to the products they deliver, and able to be scaled and color-coded.

The website was designed to deliver a great deal of content in an easy to digest way, breaking up content across different needs.

B2B sales means lots of powerpoint presentations. The Price Advantage team needed a design that was both flashy and informative.