Fare for the wanderer


Creative Direction

Graphic Design

The Cairn is a small Denver restaurant concept inside the exclusive apartment resort of TAVA Waters — formerly known as The Breakers Resort. After rebranding the resort, management wanted to open a modern clubhouse-style restaurant for residents. Initially, the restaurant's branding mimicked the resort's branding, but there was a disconnect between the logo and the offerings of the restaurant.

The solution moves away from the resort's brand and seeks its own personality based on the experience being offered. The creative strategy explored the tone of four nuanced experiences: clubhouse modern, neighborhood gastropub, modern green kitchen, and Colorado eatery. Each carried a distinct directional feel, but every concept worked toward a balance between sophistication and comfortable warmth.


Initial identity concepts

Chosen logo loosely suggests bubbles in a beer along with a simplified cairn shape.

Menu format allows for easy updates while still reinforcing the modern character of the restaurant.

Long-term branded coaster set.

Short-term cost-effective coasters add interactivity and something new to experience upon each visit.