Experience the book


Agency Producer

Creative Director

Museum of the Bible, a 500 million dollar state-of-the-art museum in the heart of D.C., dedicates its halls to the stories and accounts that the Bible has influenced throughout history. Before its opening at the end of 2017, the museum needed a campaign to grow nearly non-existent awareness with people from all walks of life.

Through a captivating short-film, the monumental brand awareness campaign illustrated moments of biblical influence across history and encouraged people to “experience the book.” Over the three-month campaign, the short-film gathered more than 45 million cross-channel views, increasing awareness just beyond twenty percent collectively. Visitor expectations were changed, and the campaign reached a social ‘like’ vs. ‘dislike’ approval rating of 96%. Despite its off-season opening, the campaign helped drive a sold-out opening week, and over half a million visitors in its first six months open.


Architectural renderings of the museum to be

The 3-minute short-film transports the viewer through moments in time where different forms of the Bible influenced people’s actions.

Movie-style promotional posters based on individual scenes throughout the short-film.

Campaign landing page

30-second spot or “hype trailer”

Billboards based on the historical eras explored in the short-film.

Digital display ads seen across social media, Pandora, and NBC digital channels.